Open an account in minutes.

Atlas is a bank, designed to save you time and money.

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No bureaucracy.

Branches are a thing of the past.
Digital and branchless banking is the safest way to bank.

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No hidden fees.

It's your money, you shouldn't be paying commissions. No hidden fees, no minimum balances. It is time for things to change.

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One-click security.

Atlas is more secure than most high-street banks. We use the latest in technology to ensure that only you have access to your money.

Clarity in your expenses

Managing your finances is difficult and confusing so we did the
heavy lifting for you to take back control of your money.


Instant notifications

Receive instant notifications for every transaction, even before
the receipt is printed.

Automatic Categorization

We catagorize your transations
automatically, so you're always on top of your money.

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We tell you Who, When and Where.

We even catagorize the business's logo, so keeping track of spending is a breeze.

Brands & Stores

Instantly see and trac what you buy from specific stores and brands.

Safer shopping,
payments that seem like magic.

Pay faster with contactless technology without inserting your card in the terminal.

Create virtual cards instanlty within the app, to stay just as safe online as offline.

The Atlas Mastercard is accepted at over 37 million merhants around the world.

Monitor all your expenses from the App.

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What's wrong? 😱
My dog ​​ate my card
Don't worry,
it happens all the time.
We'll send you a replacement 🐶
Thanks 😎

Human Help.

No matter where you are, we have a dedicated customer support team ready to help you 24/7. Missed a payment? Lost your card? Did your dog eat it? There are no bad questions.

Looking for help? Call us or write to us from within the app.

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Get your paycheck upto 2 days earlier.

Yes. You read that right. All Atlas members are able get their paycheck two days early with direct deposit.
That’s two more days with your money.

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Invite friends, get paid.

For each friend you invite to Atlas, you'll both recieve $10. Directly onto your Atlas Matercard to be spent at over 55m stores worldwide. No catch. 🌲 We even plant a tree per referral 🌲

Start enjoying your
financial life.

Download the Atlas app, and get an account you can finally rely on.
Banking that has your back.


Download the Atlas app

From your iOS or Android device.


Open your account in seconds

All from your phone. Without having to step foot in a branch.


What are the requirements to open an Atlas account?

  • You're 18+
  • You have a compatible smartphone (iPhone or Android)
  • You have valid identification issued by the government to confirm your identity (Driver's License, Passport or Immigration Form).

How much does an Atlas account cost?

Having and using your Atlas account whether at home abroad will always be free.

Is Atlas a Bank?

No, we are not a bank. Atlas account funds are safe in the custody of a regulated financial institution. We are currently carrying out the authorization process with the National Banking and Securities Commission to become a Financial Technology Institution.

Is my money safe?

Atlas is more secure than most banks. We use the latest technology to give you the best security, including military grade cryptography, so that only you have access to your money. In addition, your funds are backed by a Regulated Financial Entity, which protects them up to $150,000.